Apartments In Hickory NC – Is This City The Best Choice In Catawba County?

Are you looking at just apartments in Hickory NC, or are you searching all over Catawba County? There are certainly great choices regarding apartments in the city where life is well crafted, but you might also want to see what’s available in the surrounding area. Of course you don’t want too long of a commute if you’re working. As you look at apartments in Hickory NC for rent, as well as a few other nearby cities, keep this information about Catawba County in mind.

There are 18 different areas in Catawba County to live, and Hickory as a city ranks #2. Some of the 18 areas are other cities, some are townships and some are neighborhoods. When you look more closely at Hickory NC, one source gives the city gets an overall grade of A- in terms of being a great place to live. About 47 percent of the people in the city are renters, and the median rent is almost $700 a month. That’s a little bit of a higher average for a city in the Carolinas, so that tells you that property values are higher in this area of the county.

That is likely one of the reasons why Hickory ranks #2 out of 18 places to live in Catawba County. Considering half the population in the city rents as mentioned, you are going to find some great apartments. Looking more closely at Hickory, the city ranks #65 out of 352 places to live in the entire state and #78 in terms of places to raise a family.

There are 18 other places to live in Catawba County to look at if you want to dig deeper. To start, you might want to look at the city that ranks #1 right above Hickory. It is Mountain View, and its overall grade is an A in terms of places to live in the county. The median rent is about the same, but there aren’t near as many renters in the area. Only about 17 percent of the population rent, which means 83 percent are homeowners.

One thing I noticed is that the property values in Mountain View on average are about $20,000 below what they are on average in Hickory. Yet the majority of the people that live in Mountain View are property owners. That leads me to believe that the city of Mountain View is a great place to buy a house in North Carolina. And wouldn’t you know, Mountain View ranks #4 out of 352 regarding places to buy a home in the Tar Heel state. It is also #14 in terms of cost of living.

You are wanting to rent an apartment though, and so far, it looks like Hickory is a better pick for renters in Catawba County. You can look at the other 16 cities, townships and neighborhoods though if you want to get to know the area better before you rent a place. Otherwise, it’s time to get to looking at those listings for apartments for rent in Hickory NC.

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